A Symposium Is Born, to Enrich and Uplift!

Daily we observe  individuals who are engaged in the act of care giving.  We are humbled by the countless hours of selfless service rendered on behalf of their loved ones.  We note their undaunted efforts given to meet the ever changing, and sometimes, uncertain needs of their loved ones.  We admire their courage and their faith exhibited when combating illness and disease.   At times, they appear overwhelmed, but somehow, they keep giving.

This Symposium was established for the purpose of strengthening and enriching the lives of the dedicated caregivers we observe and the professionals that serve at their sides; to bring to our community the latest available information on topics of interest; and to identify the many resources available to assist in the journey ahead.   

Thank you for joining us.  May you be enriched by the understanding and knowledge you gain and may you be uplifted by knowing that you don’t have to face the challenges of care giving alone.  We honor you this day.

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